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Regulations Beware, It’s Pai Time at the FCC!

Posted by Andrew Regitsky

Jan 27, 2017 10:00:00 AM

When the FCC released its Open Internet (Net Neutrality) Order in March of 2015, then Commissioner Ajit Pai wrote the following:

On November 10, President Obama asked the FCC to implement his plan for regulating the Internet, one that favors government regulation over marketplace competition. As has been widely reported in the press, the FCC has been scrambling ever since to figure out a way to do just that. The courts will ultimately decide this Order’s fate. And I doubt they will countenance this unlawful power grab. Litigants are already lawyering up to seek judicial review of these new rules. Given the Order’s many glaring legal flaws, they will have plenty of fodder. But if this Order manages to survive judicial review, these will be the consequences: higher broadband prices, slower speeds, less broadband deployment, less innovation, and fewer options for American consumers. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, President Obama’s plan to regulate the Internet isn’t the solution to a problem. His plan is the problem. In short, because this Order imposes intrusive government regulations that won’t work to solve a problem that doesn’t exist using legal authority the FCC doesn’t have, I dissent. (FCC Docket 14-28, Report and Order on Remand, Declaratory Ruling and Order, released March 12, 2015, Dissent of Ajit Pai, at. p. 1).

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Topics: regulatory updates, FCC, Net Neutrality, trump

Trump Era Begins – ISPs Seek Reversal of FCC’s Privacy Order

Posted by Andrew Regitsky

Jan 13, 2017 10:00:00 AM

It is not even Inauguration Day, but the open season on telecom regulations developed during the Tom Wheeler era at the FCC has already begun! On January 3, 2017, several ISP and cable associations including The Internet and Television Association (NCTA) and the US Telecom Association (USTA) filed Petitions for Reconsideration requesting the Commission to significantly modify its November 2, 2016 ISP Privacy Order in Docket 16-106.

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Topics: regulatory updates, FCC, ISPs, trump, privacy