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Accurate Global Call Pricing & Detail

  • Eliminate costly charges from fraudulent calls internationally

  • Develop accurate billing for calls placed from the U.S. to an international location

  • Use call termination point data to identify outbound dialing patterns for international calls

  • Improve international call routing decisions with a comprehensive view of rates for domestic to international calls, as well as calls terminating and originating in other foreign locations

CCMI’s international databases provide you with the ability to better understand how international calls are routed with both landline and wireless termination point info. 

Fraudulent call activity can cost carriers billions of dollars and the amount of revenue lost has only been rising over the past few years. CCMI's international fraud database, IFdb, provides comprehensive data that includes premium numbers for more than 230 countries. Carriers can use this data to help prevent further revenue loss by limiting the amount of minutes allowed for these calls or even preventing calls to these numbers all together. Additional data, including the allowable maximum/minimum dialed digits and exchange type provide critical information to power fraud prevention software applications.

Determine which international telecom database is right for your company and start saving on all calls placed globally.


International Fraud Database

  • Identify premium numbers across the globe that could potentially be targeted for fraudulent calls

  • Monitor potential fraudulent calls by determining which premium numbers have a high volume of traffic
  • Rely on this comprehensive data to help develop the most cost effective strategy in preventing further revenue loss due to fraudulent activity, including PBX hacking and fraudulent calls

International Fraud Database

QTEL International

  • Delivers accurate call rating and detail for local, national and international calls originating anywhere in the world
  • Custom-built for origination point of your choice with ability to include your own set of custom, negotiated rates 
  • Proprietary database design rates local, in-country national and international calls for 240 countries, including calls to mobile numbers and the associated surcharges
  • New database delivered every three months via secure FTP

International City Code Files

  • Termination info for calls from domestic locations to any point across the globe
  • Delivered via FTP site with your choice of monthly, quarterly or annual updates
  • Coverage of over 255,000 international records for more than 200 countries arranged by country code, city codes and major city names  

International Rate Center Files

  • Mexico and Canada rate center files delivered via secure FTP
  • Determine jurisdictional wireless and landline termination points from the U.S. to anywhere in Mexico or Canada
  • Organized by exchange down to a specific city code with the ability to customize based on delivery format and content levels

International Databases