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Listen to CCMI's Telecom Talk podcasts on all topics related to enterprise communications. 

Net Neutrality & the Enterprise
An in depth analysis from attorney Colleen Boothby of the Washington, DC law firm of Levine, Blaszak, Block & Boothby, LLP discusses how the Order erases one potentially large financial burden, and offers some promise of relief from the skyrocketing, now at 17.4%, universal service fund charges that burden every enterprise budget.

Coming Soon: NG911 and OTT!
Hear about a novel approach that uses Over the Top (OTT) technology that will allow enterprises to deploy NG911 sooner than they ever thought possible. 

TEM Trends: A Review of 2012 and What to Expect in 2013
Review telecom expense management (TEM) trends from 2012, and discuss what to expect in 2013. Find out why midsize organizations began to embrace TEM solutions more fully this year, plus understand how mobility, BYOD, and apps are forcing enterprises to control spend in whatever way they can.

Inside the Network 2012: Trends Driving Infrastructure Growth
TIA President Grant Seiffert gives an inside look at the conference to explain TIA's role in advancing these key trends and what they mean for enterprise users.

The Great E911 Debate
A headline session at May 2012’s International Avaya Users Group annual conference was "The Great E911 Debate," moderated by Avaya's Mark Fletcher and featuring four companies on the cutting edge of the E911 market. Now each of the participants return with an on-target review of the debate and the key issues it addressed.

A Prequel to the Great E911 Debate
A feature session at 2012’s International Avaya Users Group annual conference in Boston is "The Great E911 Debate." This episode gives you a taste of the issues and themes that will be covered by the panel. Listen in for a preview of the debate and each panelist outline their place in the E911 ecosystem.

All About Next-Gen 911
Hear about next generation 911 (NG911), an affordable IP-based framework that delivers a lot more than location information. 

Corporate-Liable Policies: RIP?
The hype about the growing move to BYOD – bring your own device – has many industry pundits predicting the demise of corporate-liable policies for mobile devices.

Secure, Green Cradle-to-Grave Mobile Device Strategies
Take a close look at an end-of-life strategy you can adopt to securely and safely dispose of mobile devices ... and make money along the way.

Get up to Speed with Changes in TEM & MEM
Take a hard look at the market and technology drivers behind Xigo's dramatic new approach to solving the expense management puzzle.

Michigan Raises the E911 Bar
Listen in on discussion about the prospects of the Michigan initiative, and as importantly, the precedent it may set for the rest of the nation.

IPv4: Is the Sky Really Falling?
Is IPv4 exhaustion really an urgent problem for enterprises? Marc Lindsey, partner at the Washington, DC law firm, Levine, Blaszak, Block & Boothby thinks not ... and he shares his reasons why.

E911 in 2011 – Guidance for Enterprise Users
Listen to the discussion on three E911 hot buttons that you need to follow in 2011: SIP trunking and the mobile workforce, the growing patchwork of state E911 legislation, and network service contracts that shift some E911 obligations from the carrier to you.

New World: Corp. & Individual Liable
The consumerization of mobility has complicated your job, as you're faced with a mix of corporate- and individual-liable devices. Get analysis of best practices in this episode.

E911 Redux: 4 Steps to Getting Started
Disparate state regulations and the mobility challenges posed by IP telephony can complicate your enterprise’s E911 strategy. Telecom attorney Andrew Brown shares his 4-step plan for deciding how to enable E911 on this episode.

Top 4 Questions to Ask Your VoIP Vendor
Four of the most important questions to ask a prospective VoIP vendor before signing a contract: why you need to ask, and what a good vendor’s answer should be.

NENA’s E911 Model Legislation
Odds are your enterprise wouldn't comply with NENA's model E911 legislation if it became law in your state. Learn how to bring your emergency communications up to snuff.

Making the Right Call on E911
Hear about how E911 works and the zone challenges associated with it.

Green for Green Cell Phones
The influx of new devices and smartphones is creating an overflow of used cell phones still in mint condition at enterprises, however there are many different ways cell phones can be recycled.

E-Discovery: What Your Lawyer Wants From You
New rules and legal responsibilities governing voicemail and call detail records in a lawsuit.

Emergency Notification Wakeup Call
With the shock of the VA Tech tragedy, telecom managers’ anxiety increases over their own emergency notification systems. Make sure your prepared for any emergency situation.