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Inter-carrier compensation: from the fundamentals to FCC reforms

A special CCMI virtual training series

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Sharpen your Knowledge of the Inter-Carrier Compensation Framework

The world of inter-carrier compensation is undergoing a watershed change. And, every industry player – from ILECs and CLECs to VoIP and wireless providers – needs to have a crystal clear understanding of the current system, how it is changing and the key regulatory challenges that will shape the system over the next several years.  That’s why we’ve developed Inter-Carrier Compensation: From the Fundamentals to FCC Reforms, a two-part virtual training program led by Andy Regitsky, a regulatory veteran and expert on both access and reciprocal compensation.

 In two information-packed, four-hour sessions, Andy walks you through:

  •  A concise and important history of telecom regulation
  • The access charge regime and universal service
  • Switched and special access charge elements and circuit types
  • Access pricing – including pricing flexibility
  • The ’96 Telecom Act and the origins of reciprocal compensation
  • The common carrier versus information service debate
  • The genesis of the FCC’s inter-carrier compensation reform efforts
  • Critical industry-wide debates – many still undecided – on future special access prices, including the FCC’s massive special access data request, interconnection in the IP world (a very contentious issue!) and net neutrality
  • Plus each four-hour session includes ample time for your questions

The inter-carrier compensation system moves billions of dollars annually among carriers, drives critical network planning and engineering decisions, and is the lynchpin behind industry-wide economics.  Simply put, it is a topic you must know inside out, and Inter-Carrier Compensation: From the Fundamentals to FCC Reforms is the only place you can get this information.  You can see the complete agenda here.

Inter-Carrier Compensation: From the Fundamentals to FCC Reforms is a cost-effective and efficient way for you to sharpen your knowledge or introduce new members of your team to this critical subject.

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