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CCMI gives you reliable, intelligent telecom information that enables you to be more productive and profitable. Our reports are originally produced to ensure they are independent and bias-free. If you have any questions about any of the reports below, please contact us as

Featured: CCMI Spotlight: IP Interconnection

The rules, regulations and prices for network interconnection for the TDM network have been in place, in one form or another, for almost thirty years. And while ILECS and competitive carriers often butt heads on interconnection issues, at least everyone knows the framework and can operate with a high degree of technical and financial certainty. That certainty doesn’t exist for the IP networks that all carriers are now rapidly putting in place. Take a look at the issues and potential outcome as regulators, legislators, carriers, and even President Obama , wrestle with a fundamental challenge of the IP to TDM network transition. Read more >>

CCMI Spotlight: The TDM to IP Transition

Lots of hype and noise out there about the transition of the nation’s communications infrastructure from one based on TDM technology to an all IP network. And, it’s easy to get lost among the forest of conflicting positions and opinions on exactly the best path and timeline to follow. That said, it is a watershed event that deserves your attention. Find out what you need to know about the drivers, the technology, the stakeholders and the transitional process of the most significant industry change since the Telecom Reform Act of 1996.  Read more >>


Verizon Rapid Delivery - Not SO Fast

By Deb Boehling & Laura McDonald, Levine, Blaszak, Block & Boothby LLP

Beware of Verizon’s new “Rapid Delivery” automation platform.  While the stated goals – faster service delivery and more accurate billing – are something every enterprise desires, how Verizon gets there is fraught with significant, hard dollar problems that stem from the way Rapid Delivery is structured contractually. Verizon’s Rapid Delivery model eliminates the traditional enterprise model of negotiating Master Service Agreements and service specific attachments that protect users from non-negotiated prices and terms buried in web based Service Guides which carriers can – and do – change at any time.  Instead, Rapid Delivery opens you up to a torrent of hidden terms and higher fees for critical services. Read more >> 


Why Ethernet Access is a Critical Part of Enterprise Wireline Telecom

By Hank Levine, Levine, Blaszak, Block & Boothby LLP & Jack Deal, TechCaliber Consulting, LLC

MPLS, SIP trunking and high-speed big access pipes are the key building blocks of today’s enterprise networks and soon will be the de facto standard. But there’s one roadblock. Traditional TDM DS-1 and DS-3 access pipes from the LECs are expensive and unwieldy...and the LECs want to sunset these services in favor of IP as soon as possible, so enterprise now favor fiber-based Ethernet access. Ethernet is a proven technology that’s cost effective at just about any speed, and the Ethernet protocol greatly reduces network overhead. But there’s one catch, fiber is not universally available – and won’t be for some time. Read more >>

Insights into Enterprise Telecom Expense Management

Sponsored by IBM

This just released  whitepaper from IBM Emptoris Rivermine, based on an exclusive survey of 100 executives in Fortune 1000 companies, paints a revealing picture of today’s enterprise telecom expense management market.  The survey results, including several compelling charts, give you an up-to-the-minute picture of the TEM market, which while mature and delivering stellar financial results remains surprisingly vibrant and volatile. Read more >>


Top Challenges in Telecom Management

By Joanie Wexler, Independent Technology Editor and Analyst
Sponsored by 

As the telecom landscape continues to expand, managing telecom cost control is now more challenging than ever. In this whitepaper, Top Challenges in Telecom Management, find out what you need to know to make the right mobility, contract and outsourcing decisions for your organization to help keep you fiscally responsible. Read more >>


International Mobile Communications: How to Balance Connectivity, Productivity and Cost Concerns

By Michael F. Finneran, Principal, dBrn Associates, Inc.
Sponsored by Truphone

In a recent CCMI survey, it was discovered that companies are finding the need to employ a number of strategies and methods to control travel costs associated with international wireless roaming.  While it was found that modifying employees' mobile usage while abroad was the primary means of cost control, this ultimately made employees less accessible and less productive. In this whitepaper, you'll learn about how companies are battling costs and policies that your peers are finding effective.  Read more >>


Enterprise Mobility Management Defined

By Joanie Wexler, Independent Technology Editor and Analyst 
Sponsored by 
MOBI Wireless Management

The BYOD movement exploded on the scene before IT even knew if they could handle it.  This also brought with it a new dictionary of acronyms and solutions terms. The ins and outs of effective mobility are still being defined as companies continue to move in that direction. This newly released whitepaper serves as a guide to understanding the components and implementation of an enterprise mobility management strategy. Read more >>


2013's Top TEM Trends: A CCMI Survey

Sponsored by Cass Information Systems, Inc.

In a recent survey of telecom management executives, CCMI found that there are some interesting trends emerging within telecommunications management. See what your peers think about the telecom expense management environment, the impact of new technologies and the BYOD phenomena in this overview of the survey findings. View the results >>


The Basics of ICAs: Stay Ahead of the New FCC Rules

Many predict ICAs will continue to grow in importance as the FCC implements its reform of the intercarrier compensation system. ICAs aren't new to the industry, but how they are used and the rules governing them have continued to evolve over the years - bringing about new challenges as companies transition to the new access charge framework. This whitepaper takes a look at the changing rules regarding ICAs, why they are becoming more important and the potential challenges for companies. Read more >>


Meeting Fiscal Responsibilities in Telecom Management

By Joanie Wexler, Independent Technology Editor and Analyst
Sponsored by Asentinel

Telecom related expenses account for almost 15% of most organizations total IT budget. That's a big number and one that will continue to grow as businesses integrate communications services into their overall business strategies. Yet despite this, almost one-half of the companies surveyed said that they had not deployed a full-featured telecom expense management solution! Find out what what roadblocks are, and how you can overcome them, in this all new white paper, Meeting Fiscal Responsibilities in Telecom Management. Read more >>


Employees Left to Go Rogue with Mobile Voice Calling

By Joanie Wexler, Independent Technology Editor and Analyst

Enterprises of all sizes are busy pulling together multifaceted mobility strategies. This report details which wireless network – the cellular network or the corporate Wi-Fi network – is being optimized, if any, for phone calls and why. In a nutshell, the tightly focused survey of enterprise telecom professionals revealed that enterprise approaches to internal mobile voice are currently all over the map. Find out how enterprises are weighing user experience, employee productivity, network optimization and cost in this often overlooked area. Read more >>


The Future of Enterprise Communications on the Desk, in Your Pocket, and in the Cloud

Sponsored by Dimension Data

Learn what new mega-trends are dominating enterprise communications and what it means for your business. Read more >>


Communications Technology Insight: SIP Trunking in the Enterprise

Discover exactly how enterprises just like yours are approaching SIP trunking. Read more >>


With a Wink and a Nod – How Not to Squander Your Leverage

By Janine Goodman, Partner, Levine, Blaszak, Block and Boothby LLP

Leverage is key to reaching a successful result in your communications technology procurements. But it is too easily lost in the negotiation process… and you might not even realize when you’re giving it away. This article gives you tips for building and maintaining this crucial element. Read more >>


Minimizing the Pain of Forced Service Migrations

By Hank Levine, Partner, Levine, Blaszak, Block and Boothby LLP

Force migrations are common in IT, but you can avoid the worst by trading passivity for action: plan and take charge. This article walks you through the problem as it stands today and what you, as the customer, can do about it. Read more >>


Five Major Trends in Enterprise Mobility

Sponsored by Dimension Data

The enterprise mobility market continues to grow and evolve.This whitepaper examines the key trends in enterprise mobility over the coming months and also details the two main pitfalls enterprises must address when considering implementing any type of BYOD policy. Read more >>


The International Roaming Problem: How to Balance Cost, Connectivity, and Security Concerns

Sponsored by Truphone

Companies today employ a number of methods to strike an appropriate balance between ease of use for the mobile worker and the cost of using international mobile network services. A survey of more than 200 midmarket and enterprise companies revealed modifying mobile employees’ usage behavior as the primary cost-management method employed. Despite some measure of economic success, this strategy has some unfortunate consequences. This report examines the survey findings and explores the approaches these companies are using to lower costs. Read more >>


Mobility Temperature Check: Just How Hot is BYOD?

Sponsored by Xigo, a Dimension Data Company

In this analysis of survey responses from IT and telecommunications professional in U.S.-based firms, you’ll discover hard numbers around the scope and direction of the BYOD (bring your own device) phenomena. Read more >>


Mid-Market Telecom Expense Management Trends

Sponsored by vCom Solutions

Implications and Best Practices for Wireline & Wireless Expense Management in the SMB Market. 

Trends and Best Practices to Control International Roaming Costs

Sponsored by Truphone

This report examines what enterprises have been doing to cut costs, how well those approaches have been working, and other emerging options they might consider trying. Read more >>


Telecom and Legal Considerations in 911 Planning

The importance of a team based approach 


Must-Know Telecom Terms

A reference of nearly 100 must-know, most-frequently used telecom terms. Read more >>

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