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FCC Fines T-Mobile $40 Million for Deliberate Rural Call Completion Violations

Congressional Democrats Try to "Save" Lifeline

FCC Tries Again to Solve Rural Call Completion Problems

FCC Proposes Special Access Incentive Regulation for Rate-Of-Return ILECs

FCC Settles Price Cap ILEC Tandem Transport Access Issue

Net Neutrality: Congress Simply will not Compromise

Industry Trashes FCC Plan to Limit Lifeline to Facilities Providers

Ten Developments for Enterprise Users to Watch in 2018

Ninth Circuit Decision is Big Victory for FTC and FCC

The Importance of Competitively Sourcing Your Network Infrastructure Services

Can a CLEC Force an IXC to Buy Switched Access

AT&T Wants Immediate Action on 8YY Query Charges

FCC Claims It Has "Fixed" Broadband Deployment Issues

California Issues Net Neutrality Challenge to FCC

O1 Communications Takes Aim at T-Mobile Over Direct Connections Refusal

Congress and States Begin to Battle to Save Net Neutrality

Terminating Switched Access Costs Vary by a Factor of 12 in Some States!

Are Wireless Carriers Refusing Direct Connections for Call Terminations?

Telecom in 2018 - A Year of Legislation and Litigation

2017, the Year the FCC Killed Regulation

FCC and FTC Strike Agreement to "Save" Consumers from Net Neutrality Loss

Hawaiian Telcom Thrives Despite Connect America Fund Shortcomings

FCC Makes Public Its Plan to Stop Regulating the Internet

FCC Proposes Massive Cuts to Lifeline Program

Democrats Now Want Net Neutrality Extended to Internet Content Providers

ISPs Seek to Quash State Net Neutrality Rules

Industry Factions State Their Case for More Switched Access Reform

FCC Proposes Nationwide Number Portability

FCC Proposes Auction for Desirable Toll-Free Numbers

Consumer Groups Appeal FCC's Business Data Services Order to 8th Circuit Court

ISPs Appeal Net Neutrality Order to Supreme Court

Politically Divided FCC finds Wireless Market Competitive

Ninth Circuit Case Could Determine How (and If) Internet Companies Are Regulated

Finally, FCC Moves Forward on Inter-Carrier Compensation Reform

Fall Season Looks Especially Explosive for FCC

AT&T Accused of Redlining in Cleveland

8YY Proceeding a New Test of FCC's Intentions

Is the FCC’s Broadband Deployment Inquiry a Sham?

FCC’s Business Data Services Order Takes Effect

A Big Win for Telecom! Court Sides with FCC in Pole Attachment Order

The Invisible Proceeding – Removing Barriers to Broadband Deployment

2017 Interstate & Intrastate Access Filing Report: Access Season Update

The FCC’s Net Neutrality Comments: Don’t Read Them!

Access Customers Lose Tandem-Switched Transport Dispute

Trump Nominates New Commissioners for FCC as Key Decisions Near

FCC Once Again Addresses Rural Call Completion Problem

Rural ILECs Request Price Caps for Special Access Services

The Problem with Today’s Title II – An Out of Control FCC

FCC Freezes Universal Service Fund National Rate Floor

The FCC Must Complete Toll-free 8YY Access Reform

FCC’s BDS Competitive Market List Cannot Pass the Laugh Test

Will “Bright-Line” Net Neutrality Rules Be Eliminated?

CenturyLink Seeks Stay of Tandem Transport Transition to Bill-and-Keep

Special Access Deregulation: What You Need to Know

Pai Launches New Effort to Kill Title II Internet Regulation

The End of Net Neutrality: Catastrophe or Godsend?

CLECs: Thumbs Down to FCC Deregulation of ILEC Special Access

FCC Order Will Detariff Most ILEC Special Access Services

Repeal of ISP Privacy Rules not End of World for Consumers

Frontier and Windstream Seek Payment Conditions on CenturyLink’s Acquisition of Level 3

AT&T Proposes Deregulation for Business Data Services

The Battle Lines over Internet Privacy and Net Neutrality are Joined

FCC Partially Stays ISP Privacy Order Requiring Consent for Sensitive Data Use

Competitive Carriers State Their Broadband Case to the FCC

Please Congress, Don’t Make Us Beg, “Fix” Net Neutrality Now!

New FCC Already Slashing Obama-Era Regulations

Suddenly Confident Internet Service Providers Issue Their “Privacy Principles”

Regulations Beware, It’s Pai Time at the FCC!

Is It Time to Move All Access Charges to Bill-and-Keep?

Trump Era Begins – ISPs Seek Reversal of FCC’s Privacy Order

FCC Allocates Funds for Rural ILECs Selecting Universal Service Cost Model

Our Christmas Wishes for the FCC

Too Many Rate-Of-Return ILECs Elect Universal Service Cost Model

In “Midnight” Action FCC Targets Zero-Rated Data Services

The Days are Numbered for Net Neutrality and ISP Privacy Rules

DC Circuit Vacates FCC’s Local Switching Declaratory Ruling

FCC Pulls BDS Vote after Congressional Objections

Under President Trump, Telecom Regulation Will Turn Upside Down

ILECs Attack Proposed Business Data Services Regulations

The Commission Adopts Privacy Rules for ISPs

FCC Releases Rules for Rural ILEC Broadband-Only Service

FCC Reveals New Regulations for Business Data Services

AT&T Seeks Detariffing of Tandem Switched Transport to Combat Access Stimulation Abusers

CLEC Alert: Fate of Wholesale Network Platform To Be Determined In FCC’s Business Data Services Order

It’s True, Onerous Special Access Regulation Is Coming In 2017

NETFLIX Argues All Data Caps Are Illegal

The Fate of Business Data Services Regulation is Far From Clear

Will T-Mobile and Sprint Force FCC to Act on Zero Data Cap Plans?

Will 2017 Be The Year of The Telecom Act Rewrite?

Court Rejects FCC’s Municipal Broadband Order

Will the Industry Cut a Deal to Regulate Special Access and Ethernet?

ISPs and Cable Companies Seek Rehearing of Open Internet Order

FCC Rejects AT&T’s “Fix” for Unlawful Special Access “All-Or Nothing” Tariffs

FCC Maintains Requirement that ILECs File Switched Access Tariffs

FCC Finds ILEC Switched Access Services to be Non-Dominant and Eases Service Discontinuance Rules

The Case for More Stringent Privacy Rules for ISPs

Verizon Goes Its Own Way On Special Access Regulation

New Cable Data Puts FCC’s Business Data Services Order in Jeopardy

DC Circuit Court Net Neutrality Decision – A Victory for Big Government

2016 Interstate & Intrastate Access Filing Report: Access Season is Here!

Forget Innovation, FCC May Require Ethernet Pricing Based on a Cost Model

Michael Powell Says Telecommunications is headed for Chaos. Is He Correct?

Study Adds Fuel to the Fight Over Zero-Rated Internet Services

Cable Companies Blast FCC’s Business Data Services Proposal

How Can the FCC Classify Business Data Services Markets Before Determining Unbundled Loop Availability?

FCC’s Business Data Services Proposal Increases Regulations and Is Unworkable

Split on Partisan Grounds, FCC Proposes Regulations for “New” Data Services Market

Sprint: Data Demonstrates in Most Markets ILECs Face No Meaningful Special Access Competition

FCC Will Introduce New Regulatory Regime For Ethernet and Special Access

CLECs Claim FCC Forbearance Does Not Apply to New ILEC Ethernet Services

Netflix Throttling Admission Casts Doubt on Net Neutrality

FCC to Approve Universal Service and Regulatory Reform for Rate-Of-Return ILECs

FCC Proposes Strict Privacy Rules for Internet Service Providers

FCC Will Expand Lifeline Program to Include Broadband

Transport Access Reform: Not a Lesson in Clarity

Net Neutrality is One Year Old But Far From Settled

ILECs Again Claim Switched Access Should Be a Non-Dominant Service

It’s Time for the FCC to Require ILECs to Provide DS1 and DS3 Unbundled Loops Regardless of Technology

ISPs “Zero Data” Services Test FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules

Two Different Worlds: ILECs and CLECs Debate Special Access

FCC and Congress Battle over Broadband Definition and Deployment

Intense FCC Partisanship Becomes Public and is Harming the Industry

ILECs Defend Special Access Optional Payment Plans

FCC Forbears from Enforcing Obsolete ILEC Requirements

FCC Likely to Launch Investigation Into Internet “Free Data” Plans

Some Christmas Wishes For the FCC

Only One Rate-of-Return ILEC will Lose Federal Universal Service Support

Net Neutrality Oral Argument Brings Anxiety to Internet Service Providers

FCC Equalizes Pole Attachment Rates for Telecom and Cable Companies

Technology Transitions Ambiguity Could Impact CLEC’s Ability to Serve Retail Customers

ILECs and Level 3 Spar Over Data in FCC’s Investigation of Special Access Pricing Plans

Commission Rejects Requirement that Internet Edge Providers Honor “Do Not Track” Requests

ILECs Argue No New Requirements Needed to Discontinue Services

Now is the Time for Congress to Compromise on Net Neutrality

FCC Launches Investigation into ILEC Special Access Tariffed Optional Payment Plans

CLECs Seek Elimination of “Unwarranted” ILEC Special Construction Charges

Preliminaries Over, Net Neutrality Lawsuit Now Set for December Oral Argument

ILECs Tell FCC Their Special Access and Ethernet Services Cannot be Re-Regulated

CLEC Enterprise Customers Must Proactively Ensure They Are Protected as Industry Transitions to Internet Protocol

Tennessee Continues Fight against FCC’s Municipal Broadband Decision

Commercial Network Services Pursues Net Neutrality Complaint against Time Warner Cable

CLECs Urge FCC to Re-Regulate ILEC Special Access Rates

The FCC Fall Season May be One for the History Books

FCC Expected to Revise Telecom Pole Attachment Rates

Why the FCC’s Technology Transitions Order is so Controversial

FCC’s Technology Transitions Order Requires Reasonably Comparable DS1, DS3 and Network Platform Wholesale Services

FCC Publishes List of Rate-of-Return (ROR) ILEC Study Areas Projected to Lose Universal Service Support

Is the AT&T-DIRECTV Deal a Precursor to Increased FCC Control of the Internet?

AT&T Claims Reasonably Comparable IP Wholesale Services are Unnecessary and Illegal

FCC to Finally Address Availability of Wholesale Services during IP Transition

FCC Details Advisory Procedures for Future Internet Conduct

FCC Commissioner Proposes Universal Service Changes for Rural ILECs

ILEC Annual Access Filings Present Optimum Time for Businesses to Review Special Access Purchases

White Papers Support Need for Equivalent Wholesale Service Availability for CLECs

Intrastate Access Filing Report: Notable increases in IL, MD and PA

Granite Tries to Resurrect the Unbundled Network Element Platform

DC Circuit Court Rejects Attempt to Partially Stay Open Internet Order

Intrastate Access Filing Report: Activity increases in MD and PA

FCC Proposes Expansion of Lifeline Program

2015 Intrastate Access Filing Report: Access Season is Here!

FCC’s Court Filing Seeks Rejection of Net Neutrality Stay Request

FCC Interested in Windstream’s IP Wholesale Services Paradigm

ISPs and Cable Companies Seek a Stay of Net Neutrality Reclassification

AT&T’s Technology Transition Trial Results Remain a Mystery for Wholesale Providers

CLECs Allege Verizon is Improperly Assessing Special Construction Charges

The Ever-Expanding Universal Service Fund

A Possible Way Out of the Net Neutrality Chaos

Combination ILEC/CLEC Company Stresses Need for Cost-Effective, IP-Based Wholesale Services

What to Buy and Who to Pick: The Tightly Linked Big Questions of IP Transformation

Universal Service Fund Exemption for Broadband Internet Access Providers Will not Last Long

First Lawsuits Filed against Net Neutrality and Municipal Broadband Orders

Tennessee Appeals the FCC Internet Preemption Order

The FCC’s Open Internet Order – Contradictions and Legal Infirmities

FCC Procedures Following Approval of Orders Are In Need Of Change

ILECs Implement Strategy to Preserve Special Access Revenues

FCC’s Net Neutrality and Municipal Broadband Orders Begin Multi-Year Legal and Legislative Battle

CLECs Win the Local Switching Battle

No Industry Agreement on Technology Transitions Regulation

FCC Internet Regulation Decision Will Set Off Multi-Year Battle

FCC Vote Would Permit Cities to Build Competitive Broadband Networks

Congress Inserts Itself into Net Neutrality Battle

Windstream Seeks Assurance that ILECs Must Continue to Provide DS1 and DS3 Unbundled Loops

2015 – Will Politics Overwhelm Common Sense at FCC?

USTelecom Files Petition for Reconsideration of FCC’s Requirement

2014: CCMI's Year in Review

2014 – A Year the FCC Would Like to Forget

ILECs Seek Recovery of Lost VoIP-PSTN Access Revenue

CLECs Argue USTelecom Petition for Forbearance of ILEC Regulatory Obligations Will Damage Wholesale Competition

FCC Finally Addresses Availability of Wholesale Services During IP Transition

CenturyLink Proposes Las Vegas IP Service Trial

Reclassification is the Wrong Choice for the Internet

FCC Modifies Rural Call Completion Order

Republican Takeover of Senate Could Spur Rewrite of Telecommunications Act

FCC Targets Hybrid Internet Regulation

US Telecom Association Tells FCC it Needs Additional Special Access Data to Conduct a Lawful Market Analysis

United States Telecom Association Files Petition Seeking FCC Forbearance of ILEC Specific Legacy Regulations

Will FCC Use its Forbearance Authority and Universal Service Benefits to Justify Broadband Reclassification?

The Local Switching Battle Between CLECs and AT&T Heats Up

Federal Trade Commission Warns FCC not to Reclassify Broadband Internet Access as a Telecommunications Service

FCC Considers Hybrid Methods to Regulate the Internet

Industry Responses to FCC Special Access Data Request Due on December 15th

FCC's Net Neutrality Proceeding Hits Homestretch

CCMI Teams up with Advanced Technologies and Services, Inc.

Failure of FCC to Ensure Availability of Wholesale Services in Transition to IP Continues to Impact CLECs

AT&T and CLECs Take Fight over Michigan Interconnection Agreement in Federal Court

FCC Gets Long-Awaited Permission to Implement its Special Access Data Request

FCC and Public Knowledge Escalate Internet Network Management Battle

FCC Opens Yet Another Inquiry on Broadband Deployment

Commission Amends Universal Service Contribution Rules for Wholesale Providers

2014 Access Filing Update

User Directed Paid Prioritization Could Solve FCC’s Internet Regulation Dilemma

Industry Comments on Net Neutrality Are No Help to the FCC

Access, Access, Access...

End of the Internet Tax Moratorium Could Have Broad Consequences for Industry

2014 Access Filings: 5 things You Should Know

2014 Continues to be a Year of Indecision for FCC

July 1st Has Arrived and Access Filings Continue to Roll In

ILECs, Consumer Groups Battle Over Copper Retirement

Intrastate Access Filing Report: One Week until Intrastate Access Charges Become Effective

ILECs Use Annual Access Filing to Change Access Structure

Intrastate Access Filing Report: Activity increases in MN and MD

Industry Continues to Spar over ILEC Special Access

Intrastate Access Filing Report: Access Season is Here

Full Steam Ahead for the Connect America Fund with Court Approval

Tenth Circuit Court Affirms FCC’s Connect America Fund and Inter-Carrier Compensation Reform

FCC’s Net Neutrality Task: Define Commercially Reasonable Agreements

FCC Launches Controversial Rulemaking Proceeding to Regulate the Internet

Common Carrier Classification for Broadband is no Panacea for an Open Internet

Windstream Seeks FCC Rulemaking to Address Key IP Policy Decisions

New Net Neutrality Rules Allow Priority Treatment of Internet Content

FCC’s Failure to Make Key Policy Decisions is Hurting the Industry

Wholesale Providers Give Thumbs Down to AT&T’s IP Network Conversion Experiment

Industry Comments Demonstrate Continued Wide Disagreement Re: Future Internet Regulation

FCC Fails to Address IP Policy Issues Creating Turmoil in the Industry

Neustar Proposes Number Administration Framework for Protocol Networks

Will Michigan IP Interconnection Agreement be Public?

AT&T IP Network Conversion Experiment Ends Circuit-Switched Networks

Iowa Network Services Plans First IP Network Conversion Experiment

FCC's Net Neutrality Rewrite Won't Please Open Internet Advocates

FCC Report Reveals Specific IP Interconnection Issues for CLECs

How to Minimize the Pain of Forced Service Migrations

FCC Begins Transition to Internet Protocol Network

Internet Protocol Interconnection and Transit Service

Will Michigan IP Interconnection Decision be a Precursor for FCC?

FCC Chairman Signals New Approach to Internet Regulation

Transition to an IP-Based Network is FCC’s Number One Issue for 2014

CLECs Seek Mechanism to Reduce ILEC Special Access Rates

DC Circuit Court Rejects FCC Net Neutrality Order

Update on FCC Special Access Data Request

TDM to IP Network: FCC Chairman Signals Action on Transition

FCC Delays AT&T Elimination of Long-Term Special Access Term Discounts

FCC Releases Call Completion Order

Interconnection Agreements (ICAs): What you Need to Know

International Mobile Communications: 2013’s Trends and Best Practices

New Developments in FCC's Call Completion Investigation

AT&T Postpones Elimination of Special Access Term Discounts

Getting Back to Business after the Government Shutdown

Defining the Ins and Outs of Mobility Management

IP Transition Continues to be Controversial

FCC Clarifies and Narrows Special Access Data Request

2013's Top TEM Trends: A CCMI Survey

Why it’s Time to Get Serious About Telecom Management

FCC and the Government Shutdown

Roadblocks and Delays Hinder FCC Special Access Data Request

Interconnected VoIP Providers Await Direct Access to Telephone Numbers

Verizon v. FCC: Court Hears Oral Arguments

Rural ILECs Continue to Oppose FCC Restructuring Plan

Telco Access Alert | Intrastate | August 2013

Telco Access Alert | FCC | August 2013

Access 2013 - Access Filings Continue to Roll In...

Telco Access Alert | FCC | July 2013

Access 2013 - Just starting to heat up!

The final countdown to Access 2013…

Telco Access Alert :: FCC :: June 2013

Access 2013: Ohio is 90% complete…

Oregon Exchange Carrier Association shakes things up....

CCMI has seen an increase in access filings by more than 50%....

Telco Access Alert :: Intrastate :: May 2013

Intrastate Access Filing Report: Lots of activity in the Midwest

Intrastate Access Filing Report: Access Season is Upon Us

Telco Access Alert | FCC | May 2013

Telco Access Alert :: Intrastate :: April 2013

Telco Access Alert | FCC | April 2013

Update on FCC Order to Reform Intercarrier Compensation Rates

Telco Access Alert :: FCC :: March 2013

Telco Access Alert :: Intrastate :: February 2013

CCMI Establishes Special Access Rate Regulation Taskforce

Webinar: The Emerging Role and Impact of ICAs under FCC Reform

Telco Access Alert :: FCC :: February 2013

Doubling Down on Universal Service Fund (USF)

Telco Access Alert :: Intrastate :: January 2013

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State tariff filings are flooding in due to ICC reforms

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Intrastate access filings up nearly 600% and rising

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[Free Report] FCC Order generates 1,400+ VoIP tariff filings

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3 free tools to stay on top of intercarrier compensation reform

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Timeline of FCC Order to Reform Intercarrier Compensation Rates

Quick Ways to Lookup USOCs and Carrier Access Rates

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