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Are Wireless Carriers Refusing Direct Connections for Call Terminations?

Posted by Andrew Regitsky

Jan 12, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Several diverse companies have banded together to complain to the FCC that despite the transition of terminating switched access rates to bill-and-keep, national wireless carriers are engaging in traffic aggregation schemes at the terminating end of calls. In a December 4, 2017 ex parte presentation in Docket 10-90, the Klein Law Group representing Consolidated Communications, Peerless Network and West Telecom Services noted that:

By refusing direct interconnection (and in some cases terminating existing connections altogether) for all terminating traffic or certain types of terminating traffic (e.g., interMTA and/or wholesale traffic), these wireless carriers are forcing such terminating traffic to be routed through their “intermediate carrier partners” or “affiliates” and as a result, originating carriers no longer can terminate such traffic to these wireless carriers on a bill-and-keep basis. (Klein Law Group, ex parte, at p. 3).

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Topics: FCC, ILECs, switched access, access charges, CCMI, LATA, CPM, terminating switched access, call termination, call terminations, arbitrage schemes, MOU charges, terminating traffic