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FCC Fines T-Mobile $40 Million for Deliberate Rural Call Completion Violations

Posted by Andrew Regitsky

Apr 20, 2018 10:00:00 AM

T-Mobile is in trouble again. Earlier this year the national wireless carrier was accused of refusing to provide direct connections with carriers as part of claims it was involved in access arbitrage schemes with intermediate carriers. That issue has yet to be settled. Now, the controversial company has agreed to pay $40 million to the U.S. Treasury as part of a Consent Decree with the FCC for inserting false ring tones in calls to rural customers that originated over its network. It should have been a lot more!

According to the Commission, carriers that originate calls for their customers are prohibited from “convey[ing] a ringing indication to the calling party until the terminating provider has signaled that the called party is being alerted to an incoming call, such as by ringing"  

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O1 Communications Takes Aim at T-Mobile Over Direct Connections Refusal

Posted by Andrew Regitsky

Jan 26, 2018 10:00:00 AM

A couple of weeks ago, we became aware of a brewing industry dispute between a diverse group of small service providers and the major national wireless carriers. The small carriers claim that wireless companies are refusing to directly connect with them to terminate traffic or at least certain types of terminating traffic such as wholesale. Instead, wireless carriers are forcing this traffic to be routed through an intermediate carrier partner or affiliate, and as a result, the originating providers can no longer can terminate traffic to these wireless carriers on a bill-and-keep basis.

The small carriers believe that by forcing carriers to send terminating traffic through the wireless company’s intermediate carrier partner they are engaging in an arbitrage scheme. These intermediate carriers assess terminating minute of use access charges and share these revenues, either directly or indirectly, with their wireless partner.

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