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Frontier and Windstream Seek Payment Conditions on CenturyLink’s Acquisition of Level 3

Posted by Andrew Regitsky

Mar 24, 2017 10:00:00 AM

We normally do not discuss telecom mergers here, viewing them as regrettable but unavoidable byproducts of the current business environment. However, the pending CenturyLink acquisition of Level 3 caught our eye this week with the potentially troubling issues raised by Frontier and Windstream. 

The carriers claim that as the acquisition gets closer to FCC approval, Level 3 has unreasonably refused to pay or delayed payment on millions of dollars for services rendered and initiated a significant number of rate increases that are inconsistent with the company’s past practices.  As Windstream notes in a March 10, 2017 letter to the FCC:
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Topics: regulatory updates, FCC, telecom mergers