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GAITHERSBURG, MD, November 24, 2014 – CCMI announced the addition of professional consulting services to provide clients with customized solutions, reporting, training and education.

“Many years of “hands on industry experience” is what enables CCMI Professional Services to maintain both the historical and forward looking perspectives needed to navigate the churning waters of today’s telecom industry,” said Janet Fischer, CCMI. “The CCMI Professional Services Team lends practical insight and support to clients enabling them to assess the financial impact of regulatory change on their bottom line. This sometimes involves creation of customized reports, charts, graphs and other tools to help capture industry change and model “what if “ scenarios. We work with individual client data as well as industry resources to customize a solution.”

Andy Regitsky, CCMI, notes “The telecommunications regulatory environment is in a constant state of flux. The FCC is about to propose new rules for regulating the Internet and the wholesale IP network. In addition, we are in the middle of the inter-carrier compensation transition to bill-and keep. That’s why CCMI’s Professional Services are so valuable.  Folks with decades of telecommunications regulatory experience are available to tell you what the FCC is likely to do next, how those change will impact your company, and how you can best adjust to save or make money. Moreover, CCMI professionals are teachers.  They can train your staff to better understand and forecast the regulatory environment.”

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Founded in 1971, CCMI is the trusted source for telecom data and information and offers a wide range of products, services and events for communications service providers and enterprise end-users. Our Professional Services division is a new venture driven by customer feedback and is another area where CCMI can provide expertise in telecom solutions to clients. For more information about professional services, visit