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specialty forecaster and call center management software solution

Hills-B Optimizer Pro is a specialty forecaster and call center management software solution developed solely for call center professionals around the world and allows them to better run efficient and cost-effective operations.

  • Offers an analytical approach to forecasting with an easy to use interface
  • Allows companies with call centers of all sizes to predict, as well as manage resources, performance and costs by examining call data quickly and accurately
  • Review past performance and foresee future scenarios to quickly adapt to unexpected conditions whether they are short-term or long-term in nature
  • Solves the problems associated with overstaffing projections and missed service level objectives

Hills-B provides you with the resource forecasts, desired service levels, and associated staffing levels. When you have this information, you can easily develop staffing schedules that are based upon various optimization criteria and the operating rules within your call center environment (for example, shift schedules, breaks, lunch periods, meetings, vacations, productivity levels, etc.)

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