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Improve network optimization, cost solutions and call routing with CCMI’s comprehensive Network Planning Solutions. Our products offered will help your engineering operations make more effective decisions for your network routing and optimization.





Local Calling Area Data QTEL
(Application, Data File)
Exact outward or inward local calling area for almost 17,000 exchanges. Learn More >>
Area Code and Exchange Data QTEL
(Application, Data File)
Monthly report detailing all new, changed and deleted exchanges nationally. Learn More >>
Rate and Dialing Plan Data QTEL
(Application, Data File)
Major carriers for the most popular local, long distance and international switched services. Learn More >>
Jurisdictional Telecom Data QTEL
(Application, Data File)
Determine rating jurisdictions to verify and calculate distances. Learn More >>
Long distance rates QTEL
(Application, Data File)
Verify long distance rates across the country. Learn More >>
Switched access rate and routing pricing SARPdb
(Data File)
Get specific cost details from call origination to termination. Learn More >>
International Call Routing International Databases
(Data File)
International dialing patterns, call routing info and international city codes for more accurate billing. Learn More >>
Fiber mapping tools FiberLocator
Telecommunications and colocation database with detailed maps. Learn More >>
Area Code and LATA Listing Maps
Quick snapshot of all codes and LATAs broken down by RBOCs. Learn More >>




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An accurate and profitable solution for all your billing and routing needs

Detailed local calling area and rate center data gives you one source for all of your billing, optimization and routing needs. QTEL Telecom Suite is the most cost effective and reliable solution for your telecom applications.





International Databases

Flexible and Customizable International Data Solutions

Detailed and comprehensive coverage gives you an accurate international database that is flexible to your budget and easily-customizable to your rates.






Full-Color American Area Code and LATA Maps 

Quickly identify American Area Codes and LATAs with CCMI's full-color maps. Customization is available.