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Your FREE subscription to CCMI’s Telecom Tools Suite will allow you to calculate distances between rate and wire centers quickly, identify what carriers operate an NPA-NXX, generate a list of all area codes and states in a LATA, and track tariff filings with just a few clicks!


Area/State & LATA Lookup

Generate detailed listings of area codes, states and LATAs arrayed in the exact format you want!


NPA-NXX Lookup

Zero in on V&H coordinates, OCNs and the other essential data elements of exchanges throughout the U.S. and Canada!


Distance Calculator

Get precise airline mile measurements between rate centers and wire centers instantly!


Tariff & OCN Lookup

Search by OCN, OCN name or carrier type or overall OCN for more details on the carrier and the associated tariffs!

Unlimited Resources

In addition to CCMI’s Telecom Tools Suite, you’ll also gain unlimited access to the CCMI HUB, which is an online community for telecom, data and technology professionals. Featuring the latest telecom news, industry blog, career center and resource library.

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