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A state-by-state listing of commission mandated telecommunications fees

You can find standard carrier charges in tariffs, rate guides or contracts, but not regulatory fees.  They are buried in tough to navigate public service commission (PSC) sites.  Some fees are charged differently on a county or city level and that makes your job even more difficult when you try to determine if the rate you are being charged is accurate.

CCMI’s State Regulatory Guide lets you verify the hundreds of surcharges* telecom carriers apply to your intrastate invoices. These include E-911, Telecommunication Relay Service (TRS) and Lifeline (USF) fees among others. 

Take California for example. These are charges that appear on your bill:

  • The ULTS or (Lifeline or USF) which jumped from 2.4% to 5.5% over the course of 5 months from 6/1/15 to 10/1/15 and greatly impacts an end-user's bill or a carrier’s revenue.
  • The DDTP (Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program or TRS) of 0.5%,
  • The CHCF-A (California High cost Fund) of 0.35%
  • The CTF (California Teleconnect Fund) of 1.08%
  • The CASF (California Advanced Services Fund) of 0.464%
  • The Emergency Telephone Users (911) Surcharge of 0.75%.

All of these charges total 8.644% that is  applied to your  monthly usage charges.  

Get your copy of the State Regulatory Guide and:

  • Understand exactly the  charges that apply to your  services (i.e. VoIP, Wireless, Prepaid Wireless)
  • Verify the mandated regulatory charges that appear on your bill or invoice
  • Stay up to date with the current regulatory fees, which can  change   from a few tenths of a cent to a couple of percentage points every year

*All of the fees in the guide are non-tax charges that the carriers have been authorized to pass along the charges to their customers. 

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