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The telecommunications industry is dynamic. Whether you compete as a service provider or consume telecommunications services as part of your business, you need the most up-to-date information, tools and expertise to gain a competitive advantage. 


Ensure that you are as competitive as possible by getting the right services at the right price. Learn how to more effectively use data and analytics tools, negotiate telecom service contracts and manage relationships that ensure long term success.

Communications Service Providers

Adapt to new and upcoming regulatory changes that will impact how you deliver your products and services. Our events are packed with the information and insights that you need to maximize profitability.

Webinar - Net Neutrality: Round 2

Net Neutrality Round 2.jpgDownload the slides for CCMI’s latest webinar,
Net Neutrality: Round 2, to learn the latest twists and turns on the re-opened battle over net neutrality!

FCC Chairman Pai borrowed a page from the adminstration’s “repeal and replace Obamacare” playbook when, on April 27, he revealed his plan to issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (WC Docket #17-108) entitled, Restoring Internet Freedom. Pai’s move sets the stage for a complex series of moves – in the FCC, the Courts and Congress – that will dominate much of 2017.

The NPRM was adopted on May 18th, and CCMI’s Andy Regitsky dives into the entire NPRM and breaks down the key pieces at this special 60-minute, free webinar. It’s your best way to quickly understand the initial impact of the NPRM, and as important, the likely next steps of all the industry stakeholders (and there are many!).  

Make sure you do not miss this critical webinar that will give you the context you must have to understand the single biggest industry battle of 2017! 

Click here to view the webinar!