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The telecommunications industry is dynamic. Whether you compete as a service provider or consume telecommunications services as part of your business, you need the most up-to-date information, tools and expertise to gain a competitive advantage. 

Communications Service Providers

Adapt to new and upcoming regulatory changes that will impact how you deliver your products and services. Our events are packed with the information and insights that you need to maximize profitability.

Webinar -  It’s Crunch Time: The Debate Over Title I & Title II

Webinar_It's_Crunch_Time.pngRight now, the FCC is working hard on two critical and related issues – net neutrality and broadband internet access service (BIAS).  Action, including a landmark order on net neutrality, is expected by year-end with profound financial and operational implications for service providers and enterprise users.  And the underlying issue in both is the battle over how the FCC “classifies” the services.

Check out It’s Crunch Time: The Debate Over Title I & Title II.

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Ensure that you are as competitive as possible by getting the right services at the right price. Learn how to more effectively use data and analytics tools, negotiate telecom service contracts and manage relationships that ensure long term success.

For over two decades, CCMI’s Negotiating Network & Infrastructure Deals Summit has been the industry standard for communications pros. And while the issues, concerns and technologies have changed, this conference has consistently delivered the content you need to be successful today. In fact, 99% of all conference attendees say they would recommend Negotiating Network & Infrastructure Deals. Be sure to join us in 2018!

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