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The FCC’s Fight to Eliminate Access Stimulation

 Wonder why “free” conference call are free?  The answer is “access stimulation” – a scheme that artificially pumps huge volumes of terminating traffic to a local exchange end office (usually in a remote, rural area) with switched access rates well above industry norms.  The local exchange carrier then bills the interexchange carrier that carried the call(s) and shares the revenue with the “free” conference call provider.  Similar practices abound for chat lines, adult entertainment and other services with the common characteristic of huge terminating call volumes.  In 2011, the FCC tried to eliminate access stimulation, but despite its best efforts, the problem persists. Now a new FCC proceeding tackles the issue head on.  All indications are the FCC will issue an Order by year end that will dramatically alter the switched access market in 2019. 

Make plans now to join veteran FCC insider Andy Regitsky on Tuesday, October 30, at The FCC’s Fight to Eliminate Access Stimulation, a FREE 60-minute webinar from CCMI HUB.  

You’ll hear Andy…

  • Explain exactly how local exchange carriers use intermediate carriers to rig their networks and ramp up access minutes.
  • Detail the role of centralized equal access providers in the booming arbitrage market.
  • Take you inside the (clever) arguments access stimulators make to defend their position…like their practices benefit the industry.
  • Break down the FCC’s proposed solutions to the problem….and the FCC’s threat to move immediately all switched access changes to bill-and-keep!

And as always, Andy has set aside time to answer your toughest questions.  So, register now for The FCC’s Fight to Eliminate Access Stimulation, and make sure you understand what this coming FCC Order means to your network and your bottom line!

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