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Net Neutrality Order Heads to the Courts

On April 25, 2024, the FCC adopted an Order in Docket 23-230, reinstating Net Neutrality as the law of the land.  Unless it is stayed by a court, the Order will take effect on July 22, 2024. In the Order, the Commission reclassifies broadband Internet access service as a Title II telecommunications service, forbids blocking, throttling […]

With No Additional Funding, Affordable Connectivity Program Ends

The FCC announced that the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) officially ended on June 1, 2024, after the Republicans in Congress failed to approve additional funding. The agency had already imposed an enrollment freeze in early February to help with the accurate forecasting of the funding draw-down and to smooth the administration of the ACP’s end.  Here […]

FCC Proposes New Obligations on ISPs to Mitigate Risk at Border Gateways

In the forty years I have been covering the telecommunications industry there has never been a year filled with more new regulations propagated by the FCC than this year. Between treating ISPs as public utilities, fighting so-called broadband discrimination, and lately requiring broadband labeling, the Commission continues to hamper investment in the Internet and stymies […]

FCC Proposes Changes to Improve Wireless Calls to 988 Suicide Hotline

On April 26, the FCC released a Second Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (Notice) in Docket 18-336, proposing improvements for wireless call routing to the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline that would connect callers in crisis to behavioral health resources in their current state or county. Calls to 988 are today routed based on the calling phone’s […]

ISPs Must Provide Broadband Labels for Consumers

It’s only April, but it has already been a bad year for ISPs.  Yesterday, the FCC voted to reinstate the Net Neutrality rules, including reclassifying broadband Internet access service as a telecommunications service.  For now, all ISPs will be treated as public utilities like electric companies.  It won’t stand for long, but for now, Title […]

FCC To Reinstate Net Neutrality, Classify Broadband as a Telecommunications Service

In its most predictable decision ever, the FCC is going to use its April 25, 2024, meeting to approve a Declaratory Ruling, Order, Report and Order and Order on Reconsideration in Docket 23-320 to once again make Net Neutrality the law of the land.  The Commission’s actions will almost certainly be appealed to the federal […]

Broadband Providers Warn FCC Against Stringent Net Neutrality Rules

The comment period has ended in the ongoing FCC proceeding to reinstate the federal Net Neutrality rules in Docket 23-320.  There should be no doubt that despite the vehement opposition from broadband providers, the Commission has already decided to (1) reclassify broadband Internet access service (BIAS) as a Title II telecommunications service; (2) forbid blocking, […]

ISPs Strongly Oppose FCC’s Proposed Broadband Discrimination Rules

In November, in a Report and Order (Order) in Docket 22-69, the FCC adopted rules to prevent and eliminate broadband digital discrimination. The Commission took this action to comply with the 2021 Federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which requires that all Americans have equal access to reliable, high-speed broadband services without discrimination. With these […]

FCC Adopts New Fixed Broadband Speed Benchmark

On February 22, 2024, the FCC released its annual Section 706 Report (Report), in Docket No. 22-270, titled “Inquiry Concerning Deployment of Advanced Telecommunications Capability to All Americans in a Reasonable and Timely Fashion.”   The latest 706 Report is the Commission’s first since Congress passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the first to […]

AI Generated Human Voices in Robocalls are Unlawful

In a Declaratory Ruling in Docket 23-362, released on February 8, 2024, the FCC unanimously found that calls made with AI-generated voices are “artificial” and therefore unlawful under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).  The ruling is effective immediately and will provide state attorneys general with a new weapon to pursue the bad actors in […]