TEM Rate File

Conduct money-saving local service audits efficiently

  • Convenient, easy-to-use rate database that will help any enterprise quickly find and fix billing errors and better manage their local Telco spending
  • Contains all the critical data, including rates, USOC codes and tariff references, you need to audit and verify carrier bills
  • Updated monthly, the TEM Rate File is delivered as an MS Access file via FTP, so you know you always have the latest data on-hand

CCMI’s Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Rate File provides complete coverage of local telecom exchange services and rates, including USOC codes and tariff references, to help enterprise organizations avoid overages and ensure their telecom bills are correct.

TEM solution providers can use this comprehensive database to power their expense management software and platforms to ensure they are providing the most accurate solution to their enterprise customers. Improve customer service with quick access to the data, enabling you to verify and dispute customer bills faster.

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