NetExpress 2.0

Universal pricing tool for Switched Access and Carrier Access Billing

NetExpress takes all the usage rate elements including tandem switching and transport, local switching and various multiplexing components to come up with a single rate (for both and inter- and intra-state).
  • Enables the elimination of unwanted routing costs
  • Provides cost per minute records for Switched Access
  • Provides a consolidated cost per minute for inter- and intra-state switched access end offices and access tandems
NetExpress provides bi-directional pricing for every end office and access tandem in the United States enabling organizations to update routing systems and properly size their networks. To further enhance savings, NetExpress can verify Carrier Access Billing systems (CABs) to find inaccuracies. The computed costs include use of the accurate distances from the Access Tandem to the End Office plus any additional costs involved where an End Office is a Remote served from an Intermediate or Host End Office. The results are provided by jurisdiction, end office, OCN, state and access tandem. NetExpress is designed for use in short term routing decisions and provides prices for measured use components for interstate and intrastate:
  • Originating FGD
  • Originating 800
  • Terminating FGD
  • Tandem Routed
  • Direct EO Routed

Recent Enhancements:

  • New data source: TelView Plus – streamlined tariff rate validation
  • Improved pricing logic replaced existing architecture
  • New routing availability for 8YY pricing

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