QTEL Telecom Suite

Eliminate Billing Errors and Misrouted Calls

  • Quickly determine if a call is routed to a local calling area or is subject to long distance rates; helping to save money as your audit your bills
  • Comprehensive telecom data to more accurately power your billing and network routing applications
  • Use local calling area databases and rate center databases to pinpoint the most efficient and cost effective route for local and long distance calls
  • Pinpoint jurisdictional termination points for both wireless and landline calls

CCMI’s QTEL Telecom Suite consists of a series of local calling area and rate center databases designed to fuel complex call routing, call rating, cost management and network design applications. Through our consultative approach, CCMI’s veteran telecom analysts will work with you to determine the exact data you need and the most effective way to implement it into your proprietary applications.

“We have been using CCMI for over 10 years. Never had a problem with data delivery and on the rare instance of needing help, CCMI responds very quickly.”
– Brian Preston, VP Account Services, Kansys Inc

Industry Leader in Local Calling Area Info

CCMI’s QTEL Telecom Suite has long been the industry standard in helping to determine the exact local calling definitions and call rating detail for local and national calls. The ability to customize the data received, flexible delivery options and CCMI’s superior customer service are just a few of the reasons the nation’s top telecom carriers and software providers choose the QTEL Telecom Suite to power their systems and applications.

QTEL Rate Center Databases

  • Essential “telecom geography” data organized by NPA NXX or country and city code
  • Get critical data for each call point from location names and V&H coordinates to service availability and carrier ownership
  • Integrates with QTEL Local Calling Area Databases, as well as proprietary customer data
  • Customizable format delivery and content levels with choice of monthly, quarterly or annual updates

QTEL Local Calling Area Database

  • Detailed outbound and inbound local calling area data for national, regional, statewide or a specific NPA NXX
  • Select the exact local calling area definitions you need delivered in database format
  • Flexible update schedules via our secure FTP
  • Supports the entire range of calling plans from basic flat rates to complex extended area plans for more than 450 local exchange carriers

QTEL Online

  • Web-based access to comprehensive local calling area information, precise routing table detail and in-depth exchange level LATA definitions
  • Easily export reports into any spreadsheet application
  • Incorporates data from all QTEL Rate Center and Local Calling Area Databases
“You guys get an A+ in all areas. I’ve been using your products for over 25 years and have never had an issue. That is what I call amazing!” – Ron Grau, Director, Hospitality Solution Engineering, Broadsoft

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