TelView Plus

The Best Value in Critical Switched and Special Access Rate Data

  • National coverage of key switched and special access rate elements specially designed to power your auditing, engineering and financial planning applications
  • Automated look ups enable you to verify bills faster and ensure that you are always charged the correct carrier rates, saving you time and money
  • Rich data records including tariff references and USOC codes, essential data for any access cost management application


Get a closer look by watching our brief video as we demonstrate how to best utilize the features and easily pull records within TelView Plus.


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Tracking interstate and intrastate access rates can be time-consuming and expensive. You’ll operate more efficiently and easily reduce the time and effort you invest in staying current with switched and special access rates with CCMI’s TelView Plus. Execute detailed, money saving audits and plan precise, cost-effective call routing with this comprehensive data.

TelView Plus

  • Available in a .csv file or Oracle database
  • Monthly updates delivered via FTP
  • Easily import into access cost management or other desktop tracking applications
  • Includes historical and pending FCC and PUC access rates
  • Small Carrier feed available as an add-on to the main carrier feed

Recent enhancements to the product:

  • Data Normalization – A single field containing multiple key values divided across 13 new individual fields
  • Element consistency – Elements translated into common name across tariffs for uniformity
  • Ease of identification for the new 8YY Reform in a single field

The Standard in Switched and Special Access Cost Management

TelView Plus is used by leading carriers and is the database of choice for the industry’s top access cost management software application providers for its flexibility, comprehensive coverage and superior value. CCMI’s TelView Plus is backed by our experienced customer support team and data analysts who are always on call to make sure you have access to the data you need.

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