About Us

CCMI is the choice of the leading telecom companies in the industry and is a trusted source for telecom data and information. Our commitment to delivering high-value products positions us as a leader in the telecom data market. Through our expertise in the telecom industry, we have also delivered high-quality services and events to communication services providers and enterprise end-users since 1971.

At CCMI we follow and value four core principles that are the foundation of our commitment to our loyal customers:

  1. Delivering quality, comprehensive products and services
  2. Guaranteed reliability and availability
  3. Rapid troubleshooting on support issues
  4. Clear, concise and effective communication from our team of experts

A Product of CCMI

Military Periscope is the premier online knowledge base for accurate open-source global defense information. We offer timely in-depth coverage of orders of battle, equipment inventories, plans and programs for more than 165 nations. Descriptions and technical characteristics of virtually every major weapon, platform, and system worldwide are all provided — and are just a click or two away. Users also have access to up-to-date information on significant international terrorist organizations.

In addition, our coverage includes daily abstracts of military and foreign policy news from around the globe and exclusive special reports on a wide variety of defense-related topics. Military Periscope, with its many components, is a powerful research tool. You can contact us by phone at 888-275-2264 x4 or via email at info@militaryperiscope.com for more information.