2022 Regulatory Update Webinar

Watch this 60-minute on-demand webinar with presenter Andy Regitsky to learn about the latest changes on the horizon for the telecom industry. In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Democrats Net Neutrality Bill—The latest attempts to reinstate net neutrality and a look at what states are doing without federal net neutrality rules. 
  • Latest Access Arbitrage Schemes—The new attempts at access arbitrage using Internet services and 8YY numbers from the latest efforts that some LECs are using to insert IP-enabled services into their calls to stimulate access minutes and the new FCC requirements designed to stop this practice. 
  • Universal Service—The latest proposals to fix the Universal Service Fund through broadening contributors or changing the contribution methodology. 
  • FCC and FTC Investigations into Customer Privacy Policies—The FCC and FTC proposals to limit the use of customer data and establish broad privacy rules and what it could mean for mobile providers and ISPs. 
  • Latest FCC Requirements for Carriers—The new carrier requirements regarding robocalls, broadband maps, and network resiliency. 
  • Future of the FCC—The FCC has been struggling to find a 5th commissioner. We will discuss where we stand with nominee Gigi Sohn or another potential option.