CCMI Announces Acquisition of i2gemini

Gaithersburg, MD – October 4, 2016 – CCMI, the Center for Communication Management Information, announced the acquisition of i2Gemini, a leading provider of specialized telecommunications applications for carriers, service providers and enterprises worldwide. i2Gemini’s personnel will report to CCMI President, Michael Yokay and will continue to support the entire i2Gemini product line.

“i2Gemini has an outstanding and well-deserved reputation throughout the industry, one that has been built on four decades, delivering high quality, high value products”, said Michael Yokay. He added, “i2Gemini and CCMI share many of the same customers and all of i2Gemini’s products are logical extensions of CCMI’s product family. That fact, along with the industry expertise and experience of the i2Gemini staff, make this an extremely exciting acquisition for CCMI, one that will greatly benefit our customers.”

Dr. Michael Hills, President Emeritus and founder of i2Gemini, is joining CCMI as Vice President of Research and Development. Dr. Hills Says “CCMI and i2Gemini have long had complementary interests and we welcome this opportunity to bring our NetExpress and other products to a wider range of customers”

About CCMI – CCMI is the choice of the leading telecom companies in the industry and is a trusted source for telecom data and information. Our commitment to delivering high-value products positions us as a leader in the telecom data market. Through our expertise in the telecom industry, we have also delivered high-quality services and events to communication services providers and enterprise end-users since 1971.

About i2Gemini – i2Gemini is a respected supplier of products and consulting services to Long Distance Carriers, Competitive Local Exchange Carriers, Internet Service Providers,  Local and State Government agencies, as well as Health and Insurance Providers. In addition to the Telecom Network product line, i2Gemini provides services and software to both small and medium size Call and Contact Centers throughout the world. These solutions assist management to focus on their agent requirements for an increase in organizational and operating efficiency.

For a listing of i2Gemini’s products, please click here.


Bethany Angleberger
Marketing Associate, CCMI