CCMI celebrates 45 years in business

GAITHERSBURG, MD, April, 2016 – This year CCMI celebrates 45 years in business and it’s been quite an exciting and memorable journey!

In 1971, when CCMI opened for business, the industry was still digesting the landmark Carterphone decision, which sowed the first seeds of competition in an industry dominated for more than a century by the Bell System. Then, over the course of 10 years, CCMI and the industry wrestled with the FCC’s Computer Inquires I, II and III which sought (many today would say unsuccessfully) to make regulatory sense of the explosion in computing and communications technologies. 1984 saw the Bell System Divestiture, the creation of the Baby Bells and the introduction of widespread long distance competition. The Telecom Act of 1996 completed the move to a fully competitive market. None of this has been smooth…witness today’s ongoing battles (many spawned by the events of the late 20th Century) over net neutrality, universal service, access charges and the shift to an all IP network infrastructure. “CCMI has been a 30+ year pillar as an industry supplier and partner, providing our customers with reliable contracted rates in an ever changing Telecom space” says Thierry Zerbib, Telesoft.

Through it all, CCMI’s mission has been a constant – Provide communications service providers, enterprise users and software applications firms who support them with the underlying data and tools they need to manage the operational and financial aspects of the communications services they supply and use.

Realizing that mission is only possible with a solid base of loyal customers and business partners, we are especially thankful to have many of them, companies like: ATS, whose President, Randall Guthrie says, “CCMI has been a valued partner since our founding in 1995. Our business has changed dramatically since we started working with CCMI and they have always been willing to help us navigate the changing landscape of the telecom industry. We view CCMI as a value added partner rather than a supplier and we will continue to lean on them for their industry expertise.” ISI, whose President, Mark Friedman adds, “ISI is very thankful for the business and personal relationships we have built over the last two decades of doing business with CCMI.” Ron Grau with Broadsoft shares, “I have been a customer for about 25 years and not only is the staff incredibly dedicated and helpful, but the quality of the data has always been spot on. We simply never have any issues with it. CCMI is one of the few vendors that I simply do not need to think about in terms of worrying about their service. Good luck with the next 45!” And longtime collaborator Hank Levine of LB3 says, “Almost a quarter of a century ago, CCMI and LB3 created a conference to teach procurement professionals the ins and outs of negotiating telecom contracts. The conference – now in its 20’s – has evolved into the nation’s premier continuing education event for enterprise telecom users. Without CCMI’s support, patience, and marketing acumen that could never have happened.  Thank you, and congratulations on 45 years. ”

For these kind words and to all of our customers we extend our gratitude and fondest best wishes.

In 1971, the buzzwords were tandem tie trunk networks, 1FBs, full period WATS and ring down circuits. Today it’s Ethernet, managed services, MPLS, unified communications and the mobile workplace. But while the jargon has changed, the industry’s need for comprehensive, accurate information reliably delivered has not, and our intent is to continue to meet and exceed that expectation well into the future.