CCMI’s Fall 2020 Regulatory Roundtable

ILECs, CLECs and enterprise users must stay on top of each and every FCC action…because they all ultimately drive network economics and bottom lines.  And, the FCC’s initiatives over the past month are a telling example!  This fall’s CCMI Regulatory Roundtable presentation explores the following:

  • Details the Commission’s plan to further overhaul its rules for UNE’s…critical piece parts of CLEC networks, like DS1 and DS3 loops, OSS access, dark fiber transport and more.  Plus, an explanation on the FCC’s logic behind the elimination of ILEC avoided-cost resale obligations.
  • Walk you through the FCC’s strategy to revamp the 8YY access market…you’ll hear all about the transition to bill-and-keep for 8YY originating access…caps on tandem transport and tandem switching…new 8YY database query charges and more.
  • Cuts through the noise that surrounds Net Neutrality and the ongoing Court battle over the Restoring Internet Freedom Order with a concise explanation of the D.C. Circuit’s remand…and how the FCC will respond.

** Added Bonus***

  • One-of-kind insight Presidential post-election analysis that layouts how the next four years look under either Trump or Biden.