Our Products Provide Consistent Competitive Advantage

The leading telecommunications and cable companies use CCMI’s data products to improve their billing, optimize their network planning and drive their financial applications. Software and hardware companies use CCMI to ensure that their software applications, telecom analysis and reports are leveraging the most accurate data available. Because CCMI’s data includes wireline, wireless and cable provider data CCMI is the one stop shop for any of their solutions.  



TelView Plus Predict trends in rate changes with comprehensive file of carrier rates and USOCs. Learn More »
FiberLocator Fiber network planning tool including a telecommunications and colocation database. Learn More »
International Databases International dialing patterns, call routing info and international city codes for more accurate billing. Learn More »
NetExpress Takes usage rate elements including tandem switching and transport, local switching and various multiplexing components to come up with a single rate (for both and inter- and intra-state). Learn More »
QTEL A series of local calling area and rate center databases designed to fuel complex call routing, call rating, cost management and network design applications. Determine rating jurisdictions to verify and calculate distances. Learn More »
Telecom Tools Calculate distances between rate and wire centers quickly, identify what carriers operate an NPA-NXX, generate a list of all area codes and states in a LATA, and track tariff filings with just a few clicks! Learn More »
TelView Easily find interstate and intrastate tariffs, service guides and price lists. Learn More »
TEM Rate File ILEC local Service Areas and Rates, USOCs, and Tariff references. Learn More »