The Business Data Services Revolution

All About the FCC Order to Remake the Market

In early May, the full text of the FCC’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FCC Docket 16-54) was released and it’s a bombshell that turns the entire market for high capacity dedicated data services on its head!

Consider the following:

  •   Every U.S. market to be “tested” to determine how competitive it is…and how services should be regulated.
  •   Price cap regulation re-imposed on ILEC services in markets fond to be non-competitive.
  •   All LEC special access services to be relieved of any tariff filing requirements.
  •   Ethernet service (where prices are now unregulated) to have “benchmark” prices established.
  •   Business data services offered by cable companies subject to regulation.
  •   And that just the short list of watershed changes proposed by the FCC for this multi-billion dollar market!

Each and every provision raises tough, thorny questions…how is competiveness determined, and by who…absent tariffs, how will service be regulated…is there such a thing a true “benchmark” for Ethernet…how will the cable industry react to new regulations…and dozens more raised by the FCC’s massive 280 page Order.

The Business Data Services Revolution is a fast 60 minute webinar where FCC insider Andy Regitsky distills the Order and explains its importance for carriers, service providers and enterprise users.  This Order may be one of the FCC most controversial ever…find out why!